Donnerstag, 28. September 2017

Take the African Quiz and travel with Travelstart!

I always get soo many questions about my home country Namibia, like when is the best time to go, is it similar to other African countries, how safe it is, how expensive is it, are there lions in the city e.t.c!

When I recently got received an email from the well-known travel agency "Travelstart" to make a short video clip what I love about Namibia - it didn't take long for me decide whether I was going to do it. This was a great opportunity to show my love for my home country and explain why I am so proud of it.

Also I loved the whole Idea of Travelstart giving soo many bloggers from all over Africa the chance to give a short insight into their country and why one should travel there.
The final video can be seen on the Travelstart Blog and it really gives a feeling of unity for Africa and more than enough reasons to go and travel to AFRICA!

For those that after seeing the video still don't know which of the beautiful African destinations to go see first, Travelstart did a little "African Quiz" where you can answer 6 easy questions by clicking on the destination photos of what your gut feeling wants you to go see, and then the result of your quiz will tell you which African country you should go travel to first.


(it's soo much fun)

And do check out the Travelstart website for some great African travel destinations here:

See you soon in Africa